Opening to Your True Self

19th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep sinking into you, keep allowing the peeling of the layers that are restricting you (some of which you are not consciously aware are restriction, or want to be aware of, depending on what it is) away as those that are surfacing and coming up for release are that which are covering who you truly are. All is leading you back to you, this is the journey back to self. Many may feel they have done so much work within and around this, the shadow aspects over the last few years and beyond but what is coming up now is the bigger things that are or feel harder to release, that may have had more resistance to shift, to align us deeper in our truth, the greater truth of who we are. Know all you have worked within has been extremely powerful and extremely purposeful in your journey.

This is a massive time and your trust, particularly in yourself and in the Divine unfolding of All is being called to be very present within your heart. You are within a powerful time within your personal Soul evolution. You hold the most brilliant, beautiful light/love and this has been covered for many under layers of trauma, conditioning, programming and avoidance for lifetimes, you are opening your eyes as you open your heart to expand and explore who you really are.

Know you can be within your peace, your truth and stillness within a world that may seem to be moving so fast at times and in so many directions. Many of you are feeling the call to step up and this time is opportunity for you to know that you are the creator of your peace, keep your focus on what you are calling in to your reality, what you are pulling to you, be present with yourself.

Its really important and will be especially this year to be aware of how you perceive things, your perception and is it aligned within fear or love, peace or drama, to be more aware of the ego, the personality and what it is focusing on, the human aspects of the self. Some of you are and will be actively working to assist others to hold and awaken to this within their work and will feel or be feeling the calling to step up further in their roles as a teacher and guide.

Much Love to all xxx

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