Light & Self-love

15th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Your knowing and your ability to see beyond that which is illusion, that which is a creation of the mind, past programs and stories, experiences, or that which is within the outside world that you take within to interfere with your inner harmony, has been enhanced. Your ability to see/know beyond what is occurring outside of you or within your inner experience and see beyond/through it to the truth, has expanded. Your awareness of self and the beauty of living in the now moment not what has been has been what has allowed you to transcend and move through so much.

Walk within your truth, your light, with conscious awareness and knowing of the light you are and your ever supported connection with the Divine Source of all, that which you are a part of and see how your day changes, feel the shift. Feel the light expand within your heart as you envisage it, see it, feel it and then feel the light, the energy that you are radiating around you. The crown is being highlighted so many of you may be experiencing moments of deeper knowing, information coming in and really feeling the expansion of your light field.

Self-love, learning to love, self-acceptance, being compassionate not critical to the self. Finally so many of us are ready and actively doing this or making the changes and little baby steps to bringing this in, finally ready to give to the self, to nurture ourselves and love ourselves. For many this has been something that has been missing for a lifetime or a theme over lifetimes. Returning to the self, self-love is the key to our opening and discovering more of the authentic self. It is the gateway.

Much Love xxx

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