Be within Flow

16th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

It feels we are coming into a space that asks us to slow it all down a bit, particularly the mind to again, as came in yesterday not buy into others erratic or chaotic behaviours (actions, words, projections) and keep ourselves firmly within our own peace. Some may be experiencing a feeling of wanting so much to step into something new but have no idea what that is and its bringing up hopelessness and/or grief energies, feeling alone or unsupported. It’s really important to know if you are experiencing this that all is truly okay, you are exactly where you need to be, you are moving through things and integrating so much of what you have worked to heal and move through that it takes time to be in the right space to connect to what is next for you. You won’t miss out on anything that is meant for you, this is a time to recognise what is occurring and keep your vibration as ‘up’ as possible, this doesn’t mean trying to ‘busy’ yourself to cover up what you are feeling or avoid it but to try to not allow it to drag you down into feeling that somethings is lost or you have been overlooked in some way. This is the practice of deep trust and knowing that you are always moving forward especially when you feel you aren’t. Come back to your heart, breathe, do what you can to slow the mind down, get outside, move your body and know that it will pass.

The Monkey comes through for us today guiding those that feel lost to not be discouraged if something doesn’t seem to be working out or happening as fast or as successfully as you envisaged and hoped for. Be flexible, be willing to shift or be lead in a different direction, flow. Be mindful that you are not continuing with old habits, patterns and routines, thought patterns that work to sabotage you and keep you small or feeling stuck, that don’t allow you freedom to move. Is it fear that keeps hold of you? Sometimes when we feel stuck we may not be seeing that we are actually the ones being too rigid with what we want or fearful of actually getting what we want that we freeze and self-sabotage, thus keeping us in a loop that becomes more and more uncomfortable.

“Nothing is lost to you Dear One, release and let go of your human formed expectations the outcomes you have created for yourself and allow the love of the Divine to soothe and lead you. Connect with your heart and feel into the truth that is present there. You may not be where you want to be in this moment but you are always where you are meant to be. Trust all is perfectly surfacing for you that propels you forward in love”.

Know also that when the energies are quite intense it can feel discombobulated within the body and this can lead to overthinking what’s going on or attaching too many thoughts and our own ideas that separate us. It can stir up a mountain of things. Detach the thoughts and emotions from it and sink into flow, go within.

Much Love to all xxx

(Image courtesy of Power Animal Oracle Cards By Steven D Farmer)