Flow & Allow all to Integrate

11th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Ah there’s a little bit of rocking and rolling going on within these there energies today. Many may be feeling scattered, full mentally, wiped out, as if there are many things coming at them at once but at the same time can’t really identify what a lot of them actually are, you feel it and when you sink into them really everything isn’t too bad, so wonder what’s all the stirrings about. Just let it be, let all of it be, if you feel a little frustrated, irritated or have all the old stuff coming in again, the fear, doubt, self-critic rising up to say hello, let it all be. Move yourself with and within it as best you can by not jumping down the rabbit hole within your thoughts, trying to work it all out to bring a sense of control to it, get too tied to the emotional triggers of it all and remember how far you have come. Movement is a great shifter, nature, water, drink it get in it.

When emotions are rising and you feel so much going on but cant connect to it all or make logical sense of what you are feeling completely this is where we are lovingly asked to bring it all back in and to trust the divine order in all things. There is integration occurring so release any judgement or want to control how you feel, know deeply, deeply, that everything is perfect just as it is. If old experiences are surfacing in your mind, maybe they are quite random and scattered pop ins, work to find a sense of acceptance and peace here to release them not hold on to them. Some have connections with others that are really ready to be released, attachments to the past that are ready to be let go of within friendships and relationships. Try your best to hold a space of love here to assist with letting go. Take note of that which does come into your mind to see if you are being show where you are spending your focus, time and energy that doesn’t serve you anymore, are you being shown where you are being drained or continuing to give your power away? All is working for you be soft, be flexible and free within your mind, heart open as your allow your being to integrate it all.

Much Love xxx

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