March Energies & Relationships

18th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Many have been working through a lot of deep, deep stuff the last few weeks, much has been uncovering and it has allowed you to feel what is present within you that may have been covered. If you have tried to stuff it down you likely will have had is present in your experiences so you can’t avoid it. Many of the old stories still playing out, the past hurts that have been stored so deeply that you still become reactionary to but you haven’t yet been conscious of the root cause yet alone see it or yourself within it. Things are clearer and you are now in a space that you are actively ready to let go acknowledge and release that which has been hidden, or you have been aware of but until now have not yet been ready to tackle. Whether it felt too painful, you were afraid of the change it would bring to yourself or it had actually been a provider of comfort in some way, or so you thought.
This is a time of letting go and continuing to allow yourself to be moved forward by your increasing empowerment. You feel that rise in strength and courage within you, it may feel scary some of it as you traverse the releasing of the past but at the same time you are ready and you feel this, you are more connected and aware of all the aspects of you as if you can see yourself from outside of yourself. You are ready and willing beautiful soul to walk within a lighter more connected version of you, this is what you are craving and you can feel it is within reach, you are already there, let go of all else as you walk with the head and heart working in greater unity connected in love with your higher knowing and your expanded awareness that you are Soul and Soul is you and therefore you are All.

This month has been an incredible month of highlighting what has sat within, a powerful month of change as the patterns you have wished to change for so long to serve your highest have been illuminated whether you liked it or not. You are integrating the learnings that have been brought forth, and some of you are still within this, all is perfect ad moving in a direction that is perfect. Keep allowing, keep choosing within your thoughts, action ns and words, keep practicing and mastering all you have learned as you walk the higher pathway and keep forging the future you wish to be within and how you wish to show up within it.

On another note ~ Relationships are still being prodded for many and you may have been ‘nudged’ with some deep soul searching lately, emotions rising around whether you feel heard, honoured, seen, supported, or even if you the other person is in alignment with where you are now. All this may still be coming up for you have changed, you have shifted and your place and how you fit or the other person fits within your life may be under review. This doesn’t mean that it will be the end of a relationship or friendship but it may mean reassessing your role within it as you are now so that you are honouring yourself in all ways and it is mutually nurturing and expanding for all. This will highlight the patterns that you have been playing within in your relationships/friendships that are long overdue for change, that are holding you back from stepping into more of your greatness and love as you possibly haven’t wanted to upset or rock the boat. All can be done in love and when done and expressed from a space of love, all will be well and as it is meant to be for the most benevolent outcome for all.

Much Love xxx

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