Go Gently within Love

7th September 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The love, the support, the Light that is all around you is available to you in every moment for you to draw on, it is ever present, and ever present within you, you are it (love) and love is you remember this in times that feel emotionally and/or mentally challenging. Keep bringing forth the light that you are and calling forth the Light of the Divine heart of All to fill you up, allow yourself to sit and rest a while within its warmth, allow it to hold you, rest awhile and allow it to nurture and replenish you as you travel through what is revealing and being illuminated at this time. We are reminded that what arises comes with love, love that may not be seen or felt in that moment, that may feel far from it, but love is present within all for all is offering opportunity no matter how it is wrapped up for us to look within ourselves to what layer is ready to be revealed and worked within for our expansion, empowerment and continued return to love. At present much is working within the breaking of limitation and separation, the patterns and repeating cycles. This is a deep dig in that may have unsettled some a little but know this is a powerful time to propel you forwards towards your dreams, what you have been working to bring into your life, that you wish to BE.

Remember the powerful light you are, all is to unveil the layers that have blocked your belief, trust and knowing of yourself, your knowing of who you are. So in times of upset acknowledge what is arising through emotion, sensation, thoughts that are stirring up within you and make choice to ALLOW it, to not avoid but go gently with it, breathe with it, through it, and especially to gently hold compassion and love for yourself. You don’t have to rush and try to fill yourself within busyness to avoid/cover it, you don’t need to fix it or yourself you aren’t broken nothing is ‘wrong’, you don’t have to control it, just allow it and be present with it and what comes to light, hold love as you continue to choose love over fear, over old story over old beliefs that say you are limited, not capable, not empowered (in your power).

Remember your super power is the love that you hold within you that you are at your core, expand that spark of pure Divine Light within your heart space and power it up, expand it, breathe it and know that all will pass. The body is within a time of deep release, your heart has been going through expansion and you are feeling this as you are literally ‘feeling more’, you are more connected to yourself more aware, you are and are becoming a more empowered version of self. You know you are more than flesh and blood, you are Soul, you are Light, heart consciousness is expanding and so all that is not at this moment now aligned and serving your (now) vibration is rattling and saying hello. All IS well. For you it may mean letting go of something, someone, it may mean tightening your boundaries and speaking up from the heart, standing in your power. It may mean deep awareness comes up through the physical and emotional that shows you that which you already know but haven’t got to yet, or even felt ready for yet, the changing of routines, habits and patterns that aren’t healthy for you. To take baby steps at least make a start is all that is needed here. It will illuminate where you are not loving yourself, not choosing you. It may show you where you are continuing to try to control or avoid, resist. Where you may still be projecting or blaming. Where you are still processing through the healing of old wounds. Where you are not allowing yourself to receive love, support. It can be so many things that will be unique to your journey and Souls path. If you look within what arises with love and higher perspective you may be able to see clearly the learnings Soul is currently navigating in human form

They have been repeating and repeating this message clearly the last week and again today we continue to speak of being aware of your emotions, to observe not absorb, to observe but not become attached and absorbed within so you can bring forth your higher wisdom, your hearts wisdom to the situation, the emotion. If you are sensitive and have been feeling heightened energies within the body, heaviness, fatigue, heart heaviness, awareness that so much is going on but are not able to pin point it or work it out, what it is connected to, all is well, again go slow, listen to what feels right for you to do, to say yes to, to engage within and what is not for you at this time. It will pass, you are shifting it is all a part of your ascension process. Be kind to yourself and others, hold a space of love within you and around you, go gently, go kindly as many are still processing the healing of very deep old trauma wounding’s.

Its not an easy path at times but your trust, your faith, your love and knowing that all is serving your rise, all serves to expand and open you to deeper levels of love, that which you truly are.

Allow love.

With Much Love xxx

(Light Code – Divine Light Burst – SoulLee Connected (c) 2023)