Choose Love, Choose yourSelf

26th October 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are lovingly and supportively reminded of the love that we are, the goodness within us and the individual unique qualities that we each hold. How often do you dismiss the goodness and the beauty of Self and allow the focus of the mind to be present on only what you perceive as flaws, as mistakes, as bad choices, as wrong actions, as failures? How often do you allow your mind to get lost in the ‘what ifs’, the ‘should haves’ and then judge yourself for not making that choice, expressing yourself, saying yes. They remind us that we do get to start afresh to reset all in a moment of choice, for choice is present with you in every breath. Allow the past to be the past to recognise where trigger arises that brings thought, recall, emotion and your story of the past back to be within your present moment and choose. Choose to love yourself in that moment, choose to see yourself compassionately and as Soul having a human learning experience that gets to do differently, that gets to create anew, that gets to choose a new way, that gets to learn from every-thing and every-one, every experience, for you are divine love at your core you are always already perfect never forget that. Choose to see your journey and all the beliefs that speak harshly of yourself that criticise yourself for not being perfect enough in whatever way that is for you and see that these are the parts of you that are seeking your love, to be accepted and brough into love. Allow love to be bigger, allow love to be bolder, allow the light of Love, of your love, to be more expansive and far reaching than any-thing or any-one.

Do you, for that is what you do best, and the best thing about that is you get to choose who you are, who you are becoming, who you are BEing. You get to write your story, what are you choosing to let go of, what are you choosing to add to your life, what are you allowing to be present, what have you become complacent and accepting of that adds no-thing of value. You are the magical co-Creator (with the Divine Creator) of your story, you are not your past, you are not your yesterdays, keep walking your path dear heart head held high, a being of Love that knows that All ultimately serves. We live, we love, we learn, and we evolve we don’t always get it how we want it, some times are harder than others, but never dull that sparkle, keep Lighting up your path and never forget your magic.

Much Love xxx

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