Head and Heart – Compassion

31st October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message of the Head and the Heart comes through again today but with focus being on bringing in compassion and kindness to the mind when it races, bring the softness and understanding, compassion of the heart to the mind so you can be gentler on yourself. Some may have experienced the mind drawing up things from long ago, things you felt you moved through, right to the really old stuff, and it feels out of the blue. Childhood hurts are being highlighted; the shadow may be peeking its head out, particularly around family and close relationships, so matters of the heart and heart wounding may be present. Whether situations where you felt unloved, not supported enough or at all, felt a sense of abandonment whether within the heart or physical abandonment also.

Process it however it looks or feels, you do this by allowing not judging, just being with it. Allow the tears to come if they want to, allow the heart to expel what it needs to, it comes for reason so try not to stuff it down or write it off as silly or hold a ‘just get over it’ attitude, avoidance and resistance only serves to keep it within to grow. Bring to yourself loving compassion as you allow yourself space to feel, to be. Stay out of judgement, labelling it, stay out of blaming, shaming, you may feel this within you but this is where when we bring in compassion and show understanding to the mind, love yourself through it for this is what you are needing, love and understanding, this is what the inner child is really seeking all along.

Tel yourself “I love you” tell it to your heart and your inner child that you are loved, you are strong and it is all okay, that’s what he/she needs to hear, as you are okay and it is okay to have things revisit. Some may be triggered by a little thing and you find the memories and thus the emotions flowing, all is okay, nothing is wrong, wrap yourself in love, love yourself, all the parts of you.

Show yourself compassion for the journey you have travelled. You have moved through so much, keep stepping, keep aligning within your heart and set your intentions for the month ahead. We are given opportunity to step out and into a different space, one that you have created with all you have set your intention and heart to over the last six months. Greater connection and awareness to your Soul light, for you are your Soul observing your human experience whilst also living it. Start to bring this awareness to your day and feel the Souls connection strengthen and magnify. The more aware you are of what you really are, the beauty of your true being, of you, you bring this to walk with you in through your day. Keep opening to the greater love within you, keep opening your heart as we step into November tomorrow.

Much Love xxx

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