30th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Openings and pathways appearing, yes those doors we have talked about are becoming more visible and you may be feeling the inner pull as they continue to beckon you to enter in to what you are next ready for, the opportunities start to become visible as a result of all the work you have put in to bring in greater balance and harmony, alignment with your heart within your life. It doesn’t matter if the door is the first one small step of many stepping stones or a huge leap, all is progression, all is perfect for exactly where you are individually. Keep choosing to step outside of those comfort zones, those routines, those patterns within your days and keep creating space for the newness to enter and have space to be.

If you are feeling a little introverted, perfect, take this time to sink into yourself into those quiet spaces with gentleness, knowing all is as it is to be and works to prepare you to step forth into what you have been moving towards, allowing the integration time is an important space just as much as the doing and action steps, enjoy it and allow this space of softness to comfort and nurture your expansion. When we take time to honour how we feel and not push through this space offers up opportunity to actually connect with and receive the little insights we need that help us, that we are ready for that assist us to progress and proceed on our chosen pathways.

All is supporting your deeper knowing and trust that you are capable, you are able. The doubts and fears may still be there but they are becoming smaller as you become bigger more expanded in your self-confidence, your knowing and trust as you connect with your inner power. For many a greater sense or level of compassion has been reached/realised within your heart space as the heart opens and expands, a greater realisation of your deservedness, your worthiness, not just for yourself but for others also. Seeing past another’s projection (verbal, emotional) with compassion to see deeper into what is really going on within, greater understanding to see what they are moving through. The work we have done results in not taking things so personally, allowing others to be, allowing ourselves to be, being able to create and hold a loving compassionate space for ourselves and others and be able to discern when it is right to step back, walking away, say nothing or stand up, with love.

Such expansive yet deep diving energies this month of August that have been bringing many of us to stages of completion within cycles and patterns, karmic ties with others, a lot of relationships work has been highlighted. All to bring us newer awareness of what has been out of balance, unserving and not in alignment with our highest good moving forwards. All so we can step into and embrace the new cycles opening this September with greater ease, grace, love and readiness.

Much Love xxx

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