Shine Bright

20th June 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Let your Light shine, allow your love, your strength, your Souls knowing to shine through everything, allow the power of your love, who you are to be greater than anything else, make yourself bigger, your field of love and powerful Light bigger than anything. Keep allowing, surrendering to what is with love and your deepest trust held high, radiating out in all directions from within you. Keep walking within truth and authenticity, making choices and acting in ways that honour your path of Light and heart’s desire to be a bolder, more courageous, expressive, expansive version of self that you can be, your more authentic self, the magnificent self that you are and always have been, you have just been uncovering it and peeling away the layers of old belief. Keep walking the walk no matter if it feels harder one day and easy the next, keep allowing yourself opportunity to emerge by being present with yourself in all, keep holding your vision as you move through this week. Keep awareness to how you are showing up in your life, what wants your attention, what is recurring for you to dive in deep to and what your body needs. Be aware of where you focus is, where your attention is, be conscious of what you are engaging within and saying yes to, and thus allowing to be for you. Be aware of how much the emotional body is engaging within stories the mind may be running.

With Much Love xxx

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