Keep Shining Courageous Heart

25th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Dear hearts call forth and feel the energy of your courageous heart, call forth the compassionate love and power of the higher heart to help you move through any fears that may arise within your current experiences, particularly around your trust in self and your safety and place in the/your world, your ability to move forward and to keep bringing yourself back into a space of greater grace and peace, of presence when need be, so you can allow your truest expression of self to been seen, heard and chosen in all you walk.

You are a Divine inspirational creative force, a Light so bright, remember this, shine forth from your heart and continue to trust yourself and your pathway as you unfurl and open to more of your truest form and essence from a shifted vibrational state. See the old and the recurring experiences, memories, thoughts, patterns for what they are and continue to be really self-aware, use all your senses, be present, making choices and decisions that work for you, that shape/fit and build on the foundations you have worked so hard to lay.

A time to allow, trust and take a chance, to give yourself permission to take those steps you have wanted to, to put into practice and yes it may be a case of trying and trying again and again until it becomes a way of being, those things that you know and have been guided to for some time that bring better wellbeing to your body, peace to your mind, joy to your heart. Keep commitment to choose you not matter what is going on outside of yourself that may cause a feeling of discord, come back within. Allow yourself to move to the next level in your life.

Much Love xxx

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