The Shadow comes & goes – all is a gift

26th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If today you feel the shadow rise, what has been hidden or you have not wanted or been willing to see until now, or what you are already aware of reveal another layer for you, do your best to allow it and not get sucked into a ‘poor me’ or victim mindset, be mindful of where you may be projecting your emotions out onto others in blame irritation. Its in the times the shadow comes to light that we are being given a gift if we choose to see, allow, what we are being shown. There are deeper layers surfacing, a lot of ancestral healing being processed, you are doing big work not only for yourself but for the generations past and future, your healing and clearing flows out in all directions of the timeline. Past lifetimes are receiving your healing work also.

Come back to your heart and don’t forget your own light, see the light within it ALL. See the power of the unseen and what you are choosing to heal. Rise up in your light you powerful, beautiful Soul. Some days may feel lighter, better, brighter than others but your powerful light never fades, on those days you are being asked to find it deep within you, reconnect with your light, with love and ignite it, set it ablaze like a bright bonfire within. Don’t forget who you are and the power you hold.

I was guide to the Animal Spirit deck and the Tarantula literally jumped out across the room. Keep choosing you , be patient and gentle with yourself, patience with your processes as they arise, as deeper layers are revealed. Refocus, what is your perspective of the shadow? Can you see it for the powerful transformed it can be for you if you choose to honour it not ‘hate’ it. All is leading you back to yourself, untangling and detaching so you open to more of your true authentic self, your love. The Divine wants you to see yourself as it does, perfect, powerful, limitless, joy, love, with no conditions. Come back to your Light, the Divine Light when things seem dim.

There is greater clarity coming in for many, your eyes are opening, your senses changing and amplifying, many are starting to use their intuitive knowing for the first time or starting to trust it. Hooray! The third eye is activating for many across the planet as self-awareness expands, consciousness rises. Your ability to really understand certain experiences you have been through, to see with a much greater depth of awareness is gifting you powerful insights about yourself. The realisation that it is all within you, it all begins with you, you are understanding this in really powerful ways and through powerful transformational experiences that are creating huge shifts within. The work you are doing is incredible Dear Light.

Much Love xxx

(Card image Animal Spirit by Kim Krans)