Feeling the purge? All is serving all is well

13th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message comes through speaking of our (human) need or desire to control. Particularly when we feel our sense of security or safety is a little wobbly, feels a bit unstable and rattled within. It is the Super Full Moon today and we all experience this energy differently, some fatigue, some a sense of drive, others no conscious connection. If you have experienced over the last few days a sense of energy shaking from within, or felt a little more emotional than normal, that which is ready to be released or further let go of has been illuminated, some of which is old and hasn’t needed to be fully consciously connected to so may have come up in dreams and old memory flashbacks out of the blue. Our natural reaction to that which feels shaky or gives us a sense of instability is for the mind to try and logicise it all, to control it so we feel safe and secure, we feel ‘in control’. Your inner state, energy can also have been amplified by how much you have attached to the goings on outside of you, the experiences outside of the self, world events can add to your inner feeling of lacking control, feeling as if the solid ground underneath you has been taken away. There is a big purging of lower level emotions at this time so if you have been feeling this much of this feels connected to close relationships and the dredging up of past unresolved (fully) issues around your place, worth and sense of self within these relationships. Also your sense or need to control or lacking in control within these relationships. Those petty resentments that may have built up between you and a loved one may be calling for forgiveness and letting go of.

Release and let go as best you can of your human need to control, the brains/minds want when things feel a little shaky to have to work it all out and justify, rationalise or fix things. There is nothing wrong, it will pass, as always try not to get yourself down a rabbit hole or attach too deeply to any emotions, they are just energy, energy moving and shifting within you, allow them to be felt by not stuffing them down, allow them to be released by asking the mind to step back and sallow the heart to lead. What will assist some and this comes in strongly is grounding is important at this time to centre and anchor yourself as some may be quite flighty and out of the body. Bring all your energy back within you and anchor to the Earth Mother. Remember to not compare yourself to anyone or think you should be feeling or not feeling a certain way, honour yourself and your uniqueness, release judgement, comparison and control. Flow within all as you further your journey of release and powerful renewal.

Much Love xxx

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