How are you Feeling?

6th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Emotions may be heightened or feel they are just sitting below the surface ready to break through. Whether it may feel to you like you are on the verge of tears, bubbling over with anger or frustration about things that seem to not find of a way of resolving or changing in your life, particularly within close relationships, or you are feeling it in the physical body within the gut, the digestive, it can feel like a balloon in your middle, blown up, the bowels, the solar plexus is highlighted as a lot of our stored and suppressed emotions sit here. Those empaths and sensitives to energy particularly may feel this more than others. The body is doing its best to process it all.

The best way you can be with this is to do just that just allow it, be with it, and try not to attach to it within the mind too much, the stories connected, especially over thinking it can bring up fear, anxiety in some and the belief is then formed that something is wrong. Of course if your physical body is making you feel fearful you can always check in with a practitioner to set your mind at ease. But it will pass as the energies move through you, the Light incoming is trying to move through the body and where there is a block or restriction it is harder for it to move through with ease. So pay gentle attention to whatever is coming up within your thoughts for this offers you the gift of insight as to what may be holding you back or keeping you stagnant, you are literally physically feeling the Light and energy in motion (that may arise as emotion) move through you highlighting all the spaces and place within that still need attention to clear, to bring into love and resolution, change.

All is well, all is perfect, all may not be comfortable but all is okay. Keep detaching from any story and connect to your knowing for insight, listen, for all serves to be brought into love. Breathe, breathe deeply, do a gentle meditation, chakra meditation to clear these energy portals to assist flow.

With Love xxx

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