Sensitivity to Others

22nd November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

How the days fly by as the weeks seem to roll quickly as we head into the end of the year, they always do. As worthiness came through yesterday todays message ties in to speak of our possibly sensitivity to others at this time, how we choose to be effected by or form beliefs about ourselves from the directed words, actions, our experiences with others. Remember the beautiful heart expansion we are within that has been spoken of within past posts, we are ‘feeling’ more as we are more aware, more connected to ourselves, so if you are a sensitive as many of you are this can feel amped up and coming in waves at times. As you open to greater heart consciousness you are finding connection with the truth that resides in your heart, your truth, so it becomes a process of feeling, seeing and sorting through, recognising the unhelpful beliefs as you choose to connect to your higher wisdom, moving your consciousness from your mind (head/brain) to your heart which allows you to connect to greater clarity. It literally helps you to come back to ‘sense’.

Remember others reactions, thoughts are out of your control, completely out of your hands, however you do get to choose how deeply you take on/in another’s hurtful words. Even the smallest of things, a post on social media can be overly processed by the mind and taken into the heart (a little note you may just be triggered through a past life experience where the root of creation of a limiting belief was formed). Come back into the heart, the intelligence of the heart, again you may feel it move, the emotion (energy) move through your heart, your systems as it hits the shadow within, all is well. This is where you get to actively choose how you are going to participate and put into practice your growth, greater awareness and higher wisdom gained, take all that beauty you have walked through and learned from, the wisdom embodied and put it to use. The ego will bring the head into play if it feels offended, judged, or worthiness is triggered, the heart is the doorway to access truth for everything is registered within both the head and the heart. Keep making conscious choice to bring yourself into the heart space.

With Love xxx

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