Focus on what you wish to Create

25th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

If you are feeling a little tired, for whatever the reason whether your sleep has been disturbed latterly, constant waking, you have overdone it and not listened to your body, or you are feeling with the physical body the integrating of so much of what has been shifting within you. Self-love and care comes through as a big one this weekend. This is where we allow ourselves loving, gentle space and nurture time to allow all we are processing the space to settle in. Acting from the heart and what feels aligned rather than feeling pushed or committed to do. If you have committed to things lovingly look at your whys, why are you doing, is it right, can it be put off, do you actually feel like it, does it serve etc. Our doing wants to come from the heart this is the right space of action, not the programming of old stories where we feel doing ‘values’ us in some way.

The inner shifts will create and form in your outer world but at present it feels that they are still percolating and forming. You may feel different in how you find yourself thinking, expressing, your knowing may feel heightened or just a sense that things ‘are’ different. Subtle changes in your reactions to things, your thinking in situations than before, say, the start of the year. Regardless of your physical outer experience you have been making some massive changes and its okay if you don’t consciously connect with them yet or feel them, trust they are taking place for the better.

As the years end gets closer you will start to feel your shifts even more as you keep stepping out on your Soul aligned pathway, following your heart and always coming back to trust and love. This is the way forward, focus on what you wish to see and be in your world, not that which you feel is not going right. Be active in your transformation, where you are being show sometimes not so subtlety by Spirit that change is calling to occur. Trust. Trust. Trust.

Remember what you focus on, what you allow to be a part of your world you walk into your tomorrow, you form your future with it, you create, so what are you choosing to have with you, what are you actively creating? Greater awareness to what you allow, choose the higher path and keep shining your light beautiful Soul. Love all the parts of you.

Much Love xxx

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