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1st October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

How you value yourself and your perception of yourself, your self-worth and your place within the dynamics of your relationships with those closest to you may pop in. This is a time to really stand tall in your powerful light and remember who you are, the core of what and who you are, your worth, let all the little thoughts that are such old programs now that tell you different or tell you that you are anything less than or lacking in any way go. You are so, so, so, done with this, you have moved on. Know that if these things tend to revisit you to keep your direction focused forward, recognise it, it’s okay to be within it for a moment or two, you know its familiar it may be the same experience or one in a different disguise but you know it right, the theme it’s really familiar. Your higher knowing kicks in and you see it for what it is, you see it and choose to stand within your powerful now, within your powerful love, your peaceful heart. Your ability to really discern for yourself has changed, it looks so different, your eyes have been opened to so much more, so you are able to be a more authentic version of you, a truer version of self.

As we have shifted into October you may feel that there is a change coming in, so much has been stirred up or put in front of us and through all we have been really called to practice mastering standing in love, holding love and to keep bringing ourselves back to the heart, to balance, back to centre. At times this has felt a little tricky as a lot has been flying around, it has been very fast paced as if one thing after another for many but you dear heart have stayed (as best you can) with your persistence and desire, your hearts desire to be within peace that sees you moving through things that once you would have felt tripped up on or wiped out by. You are rising!

If you were to look deeply into yourself you may see and feel that you are in fact more transparent, you are clearer, you are clearer in your communication with others and yourself, your thoughts, your knowing, you are more willing, ready, and able to flow through your experiences in your day, within all you do, what once ‘stuck’ doesn’t so much now if at all, as you have worked to released much of what has held you in rigidity, habit, pattern, story, trauma. You have opened yourself to greater freedom within that filters out and ripples through your physical reality and you will start to if not yet feel the changes within you, subtle at first, it may be hard to know what has changed or what feels different but you most definitely are as you have released what didn’t need to be held on so tightly to any longer.

A little reminder that you are the only one in charge and in true control of how you think, feel and act, react, you are responsible for yourself as we continue to explore greater depths/levels of accountability and authenticity. Trust in yourself, be kinder to yourself, allow yourself the space to explore a little of what you want, make space so you can create a little from the heart, to allow your body heart and mind the freedom and beauty to move and have space to just be, take time out from the busyness to connect to yourself and your inner wisdom. Much is occurring, opening and building.

Much Love xxx

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