Keep Choosing You

27th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Remain committed to you, to standing tall in your power, own it. You may have become aware or have been shown where you may need to pull it back in, claim it back, put your boundaries in place or firm them up from anything, anyone you have given it away to. You are stronger, more self-confident and so are there places where your boundaries serve the older version of you? Some may come to realisation that they are actually holding power over another and see the need for this to change, to allow the other person to do things there way, release control. This is a part of being more self-aware, being accountable completely for ourselves and this means looking honestly within to the part we may be playing in our life experiences and relationships.

Keep choosing your reality and this means being aware of all your thoughts, emotions and words, observe yourself for the clues as to what is aligned and what isn’t within your day, day to day. You are creating your future in each moment, remember this, what are you choosing? Its okay to doubt at times or find yourself within the past, which is anything outside of this now moment, but allow your past and all you have learned, grown through and the wisdom gained to propel you forwards with renewed vigour. See your beautiful growth and allow it to inspire you, to expand you, to smile. We are being given plenty of practice at integrating all we have learned and actively using it within our physical world. Keep holding within your heart what you desire to live, breathe and be within in. Our hearts are communicating with us closely so if you feel the doubt or fear come in, especially around your ability, your worth, take a moment to reset and shift your focus from your head to back within your heart, come back to the truth. Thank the mind for showing you your humanness but tell it you now wish it to work together with your heart to work together in unity, in divine union. See yourself flowing within your life with ease and walk that feeling within each step in your day, send this energy ahead of you to flow through all you choose to engage within.

Much Love xxx

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