Observe don’t Engage

6th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Be the observer if you find that the old, particularly old memories are surfacing within the mind, whether they are being activated by another, or triggered from a familiar moment, this is for you to just observe not to get tied up or lost in. Practice your mastery of just witnessing, feeling, experiencing yourself and your mind, but without completely emotionally attaching to it.

It feels there is a lot of energy around oppression, segregation, isolation coming up to be cleared, in some this may surface as a feeling of irritability within, if you connect with it, feelings of frustration, its coming in through the ancestral lineage also. If you feel the emotions being a bit stirred up and you aren’t able to connect the dots as to why all is well, just be mindful of your words and reactions towards others if you find yourself triggered by someones words or behaviours. Allow it to pass through you, this is collective healing occurring.

Remember especially at this time with so much going on individually and collectively that we are being guided to put into practice all we have learned, patience, trust, courage and especially love, compassion and kindness as we all are being activated into higher levels of vibrational alignment within our own sovereignty.Allow the heart and the Soul to lead you forward, connect in with your power and remember that what you think is forming your reality, choose wisely and keep bringing yourself back to the space of love within yourself. The heart is the key to all, self-love opens the doors.

Much love to all xxx

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