Todays Message with Love

22nd November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message coming in strongly but lovingly again today to be conscious of all our choices, thoughts, actions within the day, it is a practice that becomes second nature as you start to move and act from the heart not the mind, react from the heart not the ego or the mind in the moment, take a pause which brings you back into yourself, to be present within yourself. Our personal awareness  is growing, our connection with our heart and Soul growing as we can now see, act and choose from this space of heightened personal awareness.

Keep trusting in yourself and the process as it unfolds, you have been through some incredible inner changes and many outer changes have followed for some as you have acted on what you have been guided to. Your visions and dreams for the next part of your story are unfolding but many may not be able to see them yet, this is where it comes to your trust in the process. If you are being shown within experiences what is still wanting to be released, where you still pay within the old limiting belief systems and old patterns and stories this is also where you are asked to trust the process, trust yourself, pay attention and choose to bring love into all you experience, to all the parts of you, all aspects. Non judgement of any part of you as bad, not right, broken. Radical love and accept of yourself through all, compassion, some parts of this will be easier than others, again it’s okay, but be aware of what is trying to be shown to you here that isn’t working. The struggle is trying to show you something.  Our resistance, or want to control causes turbulents, so where can you soften, where can you bring in love in greater ways, where can you let go a little bit more?

A note to anyone doing it tough, feel you are trawling through a bit at the moment, yes there is light at the end of it, there is light within it, in all, know you won’t stay in this space, it will change, that is the one constant, change. Sometimes it may feel hard to trust yourself, your ability to navigate through it or trust the path ahead, but keep rising up, keep holding on to that for what you believe is what you create, believe change is occurring for you, believe better things are here in your now, bring it into form, into your reality. Work with what you are able to, shift what you can through your choices, thoughts, actions/reactions, but understanding that there is also the part of the process that you have to come through, experience, keep riding it and hold your faith, your trust your love within, lean on it deeply. Hands over your heart and just breath, deep breaths, breathe it out and ask to become aware of the love that is ever present for you, feel it filling you up. Mother Mary is very much present for those that need a little support and divine love at this time. Call her in three times to be with you, ask here to help you or support you, hold you in love, and trust it is so.

As came through last week many may have been experiencing through dreams or random thoughts popping in recalling the past experiences and situations, relationships you haven’t thought about in a long time, what they show here around this is, this is what you are integrating, the old beliefs, patterns, limitations that you have moved through and transmuted to light. So celebrate you and the work you have moved through.

Much Love xxx

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