Keep your Heart Open through Change

22nd October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Where change has been resisted within relationships, the themes within relationships that have been calling for deep change or to be brought into alignment may suddenly become clearer to you, insight received and readiness felt that you are now willing and able, within a space to move forward in whatever way is going to serve you and all best in love, you are ready. Likewise if you have been actively within the process of working to make change whether through accountability, authenticity, resolution or just surrendering to allow the natural way all is wanting to move (and this will be different within each individual relationship) you may have become aware over the last few weeks of the flow on effects of those changes and the subtle shifts that have been occurring that have brought a feeling of more room having been created within your being, heart, and within your relationships, greater openness. All a part of Souls desire for you to be more of your authentic self within your relationships and to create a more workable aligned space together.

Keep that light shining brightly. Your awareness, self-awareness is continually expanding and your ability to see the patterns and ways in which you work and observe yourself with clearer understanding, kindness, and greater acceptance of who you are, all the aspects that make you, you, is continually allowing your heart to keep opening and expand within higher levels of light.

We are within such huge times of change and it is happening so very quickly, a massive cancelling out and rewriting of the old that can no longer be sustained, individually and as a Collective, Planet.

All is working to bring us back to love, to greater Oneness, wholeness which is why we are seeing such huge uncovering’s and crumbling of the structures that cannot hold love, that weren’t created in and from love. Know all is serving a higher path and purpose, there is Divine reason to all occurring, as we trust this is so within our own reality we are also asked to trust that this is so as a whole. Keep opening to the new and trust that whatever may want to dismantle or rearrange within your own relationships is for your highest good. You are opening to recognise the Divinity within yourself, and others, All things. Such beautiful expansion Dear Heart.

Much Love xxx

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