You ARE Worthy

19th October 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You are worthy of love and worthy of support within your life, what is not feeling supportive to you at this time what is taking or you are allowing to be taken from you and where is balance out of alignment? Allow all that is being revealed to you with an open loving heart, open mind to what presents for each individually here. As your relationship with Self shifts so to you may see this reflected within and highlight your current relationship with others. Watch any irritation towards others that may arise with curiosity and an open heart as you navigate your new found desire to love the self and make change it may illuminate all the places where balance and self-love isn’t in alignment which may feel or bring a sense of frustration and feeling not in control the need to get to everything and fix everything all at once. Observe, pause and ask for help with finding a new way that supports you and all for your highest good.

Continue dear hearts to allow all that is transmuting, the wounds, the beliefs that no longer serve you it may feel uncomfortable to sit with as you work through and process what is needed for you, all of us within our own unique journey of this, continue to love yourself being aware of when or how you project or react to your outer environment. Sitting in the discomfort is the learning, learning to be and not to be so reactionary to inner trigger, be (more) fully present with ourselves, and others and allow with minimal judgement. Listening, really listening but also doing what we need in that moment to assist us is all about our journey to greater self-love, which means we allow ourselves to not be lost within the past or future but move through our present in a new way, one that is intuitively guided, this is our freedom.

The clearing of subconscious beliefs allows more space for self-love. Some of what many are still processing through is quite heavy and the high energies present as we are in the middle of Eclipses at this time can make things feel amplified, you may feel tired more so, worn out, or not some may feel energised and its perfectly okay to change from one day to the next. It requires your deep commitment, resilience, self-care and presence as you are literally turning dark (density/heaviness) into light, transmuting from within. All is creating magical change for each and every one of us, big transformations are taking place, you may not yet see or feel the depth of change and what it all means for you but trust it is so.

The heart continues to call us to listen deeply as Soul guides us, the Divine heart guides us into higher levels of love consciousness. Every moment, every opportunity is a chance, a choice to grow, to transform, to do differently, or not. It is our relationship with Self that is key for as we choose the Self with love and an open and compassionate heart in all aspects of our lives we continue to do the work that heals the parts of us that have not yet been brought into (our) acceptance and unconditional love. This in turn then flows through to all our relationships, it may mean that you now see that you deserve more, that you have outgrown your current space, or that you have needed to step back and release trying to control another. Relationships are our greatest teachers; we are both student and teacher each and every one of us to each other.

Much Love xxx

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