24th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

What rises from within what stirs emotional response don’t hold back from it allow it to be expressed, they are talking about what lights you up, what you get excited about what stirs that life force energy within you. Where are you being drawn, do things feel a little flat, a little lacklustre and repetitive? Are you missing a little passion in your life, a space that you can get your hands dirty or allow your unique expression to shine forth? Where do you hold yourself back from creativity and joy? Do you allow yourself space and permission in your life to have fun? Do you allow yourself space and time, the pause to stop and take in what is around you, to acknowledge the power, beauty and magic every present or are you distracted? The message do you allow yourself time to stop and smell the roses?

Do you feel connected or a sense of being disconnected, for when we feel disconnected and detached from others or life what we are actually feeling is disconnection from self, feeling separation. Make time to reconnect, to sit with the heart, to meditate, to go within and invite the love, the Light of Source into your heart. Fill yourself up and as they said above is it time to bring in something for yourself, to invite in joy?

The questions continue – Are you courageously having the conversations from the heart that you so desire to? Are you showing up for yourself and saying yes to the new and at the same time staying in your truth and power and saying no to that which you don’t want, with love?

If emotions rise and they may very well feel all too familiar, all is okay, they are connected with the old and what you are working to release as you continue to step forth and create a new path, a lighter way of being. Acknowledge them and release them, you may even like to say out loud “I acknowledge all the uncomfortable emotions within me at this time and I lovingly hand over to the Universe all stories, circumstances, beliefs, people, places and situations, along with the root cause that served to create them to be transmuted to Light. Thank you and so it is to be”.

Much Love xxx