Allow the Heart to be Present, to BE

12th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Remember you are the creator of your reality, you co-create with the Divine Source of All, the Universe, with all of you so continue to be aware of what is showing up that you can change or reconsider, so it serves you in greater ways. You are already so very aware, you know what you are still trying to do or have fit within your life and how it is impacting your inner sense of peace and harmony, you are aware of what feels good and what doesn’t, you are aware of when making choices how they feel within your body and your heart.

Keep choosing what serves higher purpose for you, what aligns with love. Keep bringing things in step by step little by little so they come to serve you better and your overall wellbeing, your peace. Continue to do (action/change) more of what allows you to BE (present with self). BEing is a practice which allows you to be more the observer, more neutral so you can witness what is occurring within your life from a more balanced and detached (which doesn’t mean not feeling but remaining open and curious to how you are feeling) state of being. It is staying above (as best you can) not sinking within, no matter what arises.

The battle that many may have been having and is a cause of some of the tension you may have been feeling is the minds continual want to be in charge, to push, to command our lives, to run down the rabbit hole of stories that only serve to create tension and heighten the nervous system. It is the heart that brings the love and peace into the equation. So when you feel the head running, feel overwhelmed, stop, take a few breaths and bring (see sense, feel, imagine) the head, the mind as a spark of light, a flame, or a ball of light, coming down from the centre of your forehead and being placed within the loving support of the heart. Allow it to connect with the peace present here. Rest here a few moments and just breath. For the heart is wanting to take more of the lead, so many of us are so used to living within the mind and running around day to day unconsciously aware of ourselves, we have shut off the hearts voice, love. The mind will over analyse and create stories that are not present or real whereas the heart is seeking to bring joy and harmony into all to allow love to be present within everything and all you do. Allow the heart to lead you. Let love permeate all.

So many changes have been occurring within our bodies and continue to be so, the mind and the heart mind connection is just one.

Much Love xxx