Keep Honouring Your Path

24th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As you honour your path your sense of self-worth is expanding, you are feeling with greater awareness on a levels and layers that you are capable and able to create for yourself that which you are working towards. Your abilities and your unique gifts, the beauty that you are is becoming more apparent as you desire to see yourself shine and all you can be, to be the best version of yourself possible. Your sense of self love and love for others, the connection to All and the Source of All Light is also expanding, it is a beautiful process further unfolding, a powerful time you are within.

Keep choosing to work through what presents for you with love, with your wisdom and higher perspective in action allowing you to move through the situations, experiences and emotions that arise with Soul lighting your way. All is a beautiful gift that is unfolding you into greater levels of love. As we continue to rise into higher states of love individually and as a collective, we are activating such a powerful shift, hold your eagerness to see all held in love and for love to be the dominant force on the planet.

Keep connecting with yourself and discerning what is yours and what is that of another as those that are ‘sensitive’ to others energies and the collective energies can be picking up and it may be causing some confusion. If you are finding clarity hard use your tools to clear all that is not yours, to discern ask “Is this mine?” and honour what you receive, to clear your field and come back to centre. This is a time of focusing on moving forward so clearing your space and your own field and energy centres becomes something that supports you to disconnect from any past ‘cling-ons’ that may be surfacing in an effort to hold you back or keep you within the patterns you may still be moving within.

Rise above beautiful lights.

With Love xxx

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