Welcome to May a Powerful Portal Opens

1st May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

At this time and over the next two weeks it feels the more you can just allow the energy attached to any emotions, thoughts and your impulse to be reactionary rather than pausing beforehand to what may be niggling within the greater ease you will feel these energies moving through and around you. We are within an intensive powerful time for new beginnings and this energy is going to be around for a while.
Inspiration is strong so grab it and receive it fully, step up and into what may be calling you but at the same time if you are feeling fatigued, body heavy, a bit all over the place just allow it nothing is wrong, allow it to move through you, ease up, there isn’t a need to push through when you don’t feel like it, honour what you need. It’s a mix of both of these things, insight and inspiration but heavy and consuming.

Your self-worth may be a big one at the moment. All the areas in your life particularly how you feel about yourself and within your close relationships where you don’t feel honoured, seen, heard and loved may be coming up. The triggers are alive and well. Just look to what they are telling you for all is trying to serve you better not to drive you nuts, although you may feel you have traversed the same old situation/s with others, and it is driving you nuts, too many times. This is likely because nothing has changed, or not changed enough that you feel safe, supported and respected fully in your heart. A lot is being shown to you and invites you to step into the next level if you can only bring resolve, healing, forgiveness, to what is needed so you can move on into a different space.

You may be feeling the changes within you from the work you have moved through, what you have already worked to let go of and changed to better align with you, within love. You may find that the way information is coming in has changed, its quicker, connections made in an instant, with greater ease, there is a heightening occurring, your senses are more attuned, your intuitive senses sharper like a light bulb has been turned on in your mind/third eye.Many will be experiencing a flipping from one space to another, one moment or day the emotions may be heightened it may feel heavy or consuming and the next moment you feel within such a space and sense of clarity. Timelines are shifting, releasing, it is a busy time, a powerful time so keep your focus and thoughts light as best you can, nurture yourself, be kind to yourself as you move through this. Be aware there will be those around you that are feeling it and reacting to it but don’t have the understanding around why they are feeling how they are. Stay out of any unnecessary drama that you don’t need to involve yourself within. Stay in your own lane. This is going to be around for a few weeks. A powerful yet magical potent time indeed.

Much Love to all xxx

P.S. Watch any self doubt that creeps in to surprise you, remind yourself this is an old story, feel it, love it and let it go.

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