Trust Yourself

28th January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Trust you do know what you need, trust yourself more in all ways and within all aspects of your life. Give to yourself, its all about self-love and appreciation for all you are. Knowing you are enough and you are worthy and deserving. Ease up on yourself and be happy in your skin, you are a magical, beautiful, abundantly Divine human, awaken to remembering the magic of who and what you are. Don’t deny yourself or feel you are not worthy of love, prosperity, a life of ease and flow for you are. What do you tell yourself that shapes your reality unconsciously? Keep letting those past ways of thinking, being and acting from go, as they arise say no, not the truth I reside in now. You get to write your story and it all starts with what you believe about yourself. Keep opening yourself up to being Divinely guided and really listening to what feels right for you in all ways. Where are you restricting yourself, where are you not yet ready to trust yourself, your path and life itself and open to your expansiveness? Where do you deny yourself the freedom to BE by listening to others and perhaps allowing or adopting their beliefs, truths and actions to dictate your forward movement? What is really your truth? Where are you restricting your greater freedom to just be you? Be aware of the mental chitchat that feeds you a false narrative that you are unable, not worthy, or that the unknown and expansion in trust is not safe. Allow the heart to keep unfolding as the beautiful flower of eternal love that it is, that you are and ultimately are of.

Let the mental chatter go if and when it arises that may be connected to the past, experiences, people, places and circumstances, emotions. Pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath in for the count of 5, filling your completely, hold for 5 (if possible) and as you exhale to the count of ten, relax your body and give your muscles, all parts of your body permission to release all they may hold and let go, all tension held within, send it out on the breath. Repeat for a few breathes.

“I (say your name) choose, I AM present and centred now in my Love, my power, my Light. I AM whole, I AM complete. I AM”.

Now take a deep breath into this and see the energy of these words as light being blasted through all the cells of your body and being, filling your field. And so it is.

With love xxx

(Image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures)