Allow and Make Space

27th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Finding a sense of peace or acceptance around whatever has changed for you, whatever has been removed or shifted out of your life, either by your own choice or the decision being made for you in some way, as we are guided to keep letting go and really trying to find some inner sense of acceptance in order to make space within. For in allowance, acceptance, forgiveness we make space within ourselves, we open up and are then able to choose what we wish to welcome into that newly created space, that which we wish to be or not to be a part of our life, our energy, our being. We make space to welcome and be receptive to that which the divine Source of All, the Universe has and what we are ready for.

Keep finding space and openness to allow your emotions to be a part of you that doesn’t have to be hidden from, keep bringing in self-love by being kind to yourself, bring in forgiveness to yourself for that which is past but at times within your emotions feels very much still present, allow the beauty of all you feel to be without judging anything especially yourself as wrong. In doing so you allow yourself the space to witness and release when ready, allow it to drop away softly and find your peace within that newly created space. It may feel a little unstable, a little wobbly, washy but this is because it is new, you will find your feet.

Many of you may be feeling all sorts of emotions, as said yesterday and please re-read that message from yesterday as often as you need, as we are processing and moving through a lot, we are at times feeling within the old self and then in another moment feeling in a lighter higher vibe space, really connecting and having that awareness of the newer version of the self being present, and of course all versions of the self are present at once, we feel into different aspects at different vibrations. So if you are feeling the flicking in between from one to another as you shift within and process the emotions still present, or that you thought were to be gone but have resurfaced, go gently and allow, make space for them to be, for you to just be. You are right on track and always moving forward on this journey.

Much Love xxx

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