Keep Stepping Forward

14th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Again the message of being really aware of your choices, what you are allowing to enter your life and be within in your life. Where you are spending your time, your emotions, your energy and does it feel right, does it feel the right space to be within? If not are there old patterns and behaviours at play, that keep you within a story of feeling obligated to be there, to do, or do you feel it is your duty in some way, that you have no choice and your power has been taken away, you have chosen this to be this way. Any anger (as came through yesterday) or resentment you feel rise up is a sure fire sign that it is not in alignment with you.

Continue to make positive choices that propel your forward, keep walking in your power in each moment, in each choice and action, being in your truth and honouring you and all that is within your life. Mindful of your communication, for some you may be in a space that you feel very ‘direct’, there is no filter on your words, this is okay but make sure you filter them through your heart so they are said with the directness you feel is needed but also through the filter of love.

Much Love xxx

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