Keep Trusting – Todays Message

27th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Responsibility for how our life is in the present and how it is unfolding, radical acceptance of the self just as it is, without judgement. If you have been mentally held within a voice of doubt lately around your abilities, your ability to bring forth and follow your souls light then prepare for this to start to ease up, shift and clear. Take some time out to sit in stillness, to meditate or day dream over the coming weekend. If you are not one to meditate and stillness is hard for you get out and sit under a tree or find the beauty of the little things within a walk where the mind can drift or listen to some beautiful music. Being in a space where the mind can be free to dream is going to allow the insights and moments that will bring in greater clarity and even epiphanies, and which for some the starting point around what you are wanting to create will come into vision. The penny dropping around what you are wanting to see more of and less of within your life, it may feel like you are seeing and feeling things with new eyes and wonder why you hadn’t been able to actually see what has been right in front of you earlier as it feels so obvious. All in right time you haven’t been able until now for reason, you simply weren’t ready.

You may feel the nudge over the next few days to actually action that which you have been only dreaming about or putting off, as the self-doubt has been too present and has kept knocking you back into smallness, doubt, a lot of this playing out within the subconscious mind. There has been so much that we all have been processing within the body, within the heart this month of August so it has been a time of allowing this to integrate so we can anchor it all finally within the physical.

You may start to feel that urge within, a little spark of drive or determination to step into more of you, be the you haven’t been able to see or feel but within your heart have always felt and known is there just waiting to be trusted, to be acknowledged. This all comes back to self-love, honouring the self, allowing your needs to be heard and met, trusting in yourself, trusting in your creative ability, your dreams and the bigger vision for your life.

The solar plexus is being highlighted, the power centre, there has been definite shift and you may have noticed this playing out in your world within how you express yourself, what you will and wont accept or allow within your life, within your heart anymore. A stronger sense of knowing being felt, a strength that rises from within. A deeper trust in yourself, your ability to navigate your world, others and your dreams. With this you may at times have waves of feeling disgruntled, know this is okay, perfectly okay as you are being shown what is not quite still in alignment and where you haven’t made the moves and changes that are necessary to come into greater alignment with this newness of power. Just watch how you are feeling, what emotions rise around the things you want to create, where you want to be and any annoyance around not being there. Breathe it out come back to your heart. All is well and whether you fee it or not you are actually thriving, thriving in every moment.

Much Love xx

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