Allow the Softness Welcome It In

23rd March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow the softness, welcome it in, it is around us wanting to embrace us, to nurture us and slow us down a bit it feels so we can really connect with everything. To allow us to take a moment to just be within ourselves immersed in nothing but it feels a void space for a moment or two where we can tune out our human and tune in to our inner guidance, our divine guidance, where we can allow the head and the want to be achieving and busy to slide away a little. Funnily enough it comes through straight after yesterdays action manifestation energies. Now these fire energies are very much still present but this softness is asking us to come back within, within them, to be internal not so much external to allow us to ingest and assess.

Can you allow yourself to step back a bit today so you can welcome in and connect with these gentle energies wanting to touch the heart, to bring in a little loving balance to the inner being? This also feels very connected with the emotional and mental bodies as these have both been heighten lately in most of us as we have been processing a lot of emotions attached to old stories and past remembrances over the last few months.

Take a breath today, close your eyes for a moment to connect with the light within you. See your heart space bathed in brilliant white light pulsating out in ripples and waves throughout your being and beyond. See your crown radiant and glowing brightly as your light connects to all around you, as you connect to the universal energy field. Feel into your oneness with All, everything, past present and future are all in this now with you. In deep states in this space if you allow yourself to let go, really let go and float within the light of All you can feel your humanness disappear, you connect with your expansiveness and knowing that you are everything and everything is you. Ah so this is the void space they are referring to at the beginning. This is about balancing the fire and the stillness.

Much Love xxx

Light Code – ‘You are everything, and everything is you’ ~ SoulLee Connected (c) 2022