The Power of Belief

22nd January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Powerful energies to create with today and to dream big, see all as possible, look to the beauty around and within you and create and be within that. Continue to trust in your dreams, your ideas, your visions, trust and believe in yourself. Keep standing strongly as the sovereign being you are, being present and aware of what you are projecting out for you are manifesting, bringing in and forming that which you are focusing on, you are creating from everything you think, do and speak. It is all happening very quickly, so take your visions, your intentions and dreams and see then as real now, not as something just within you but as something that is already formed and possible, breathe them into your reality, feel them as if they exist already, as you are guided to trust and believe that you literally are bringing them in to form. Your ability to create is becoming more present within you, your awareness of this you are opening to more and more, starting to really connect with. It has always been a part of you but it is becoming more accessible, more real. You will see this as you have been doing the work and you will see the fruits of your efforts and all that you have left behind, let go of and surrender to. Try not to allow anything to derail you as there is much around in the world if you look for it that can bring you out of your highest vibration and into a fear, doubt, a lack vibration.

Look for the beauty, be present within the beauty within and all around you, it does not mean ignoring or being blind to what is occurring but that you can hold a high frequency of love and trust in all that is unfolding in the world as heading to something better, trusting in the Divine plan for all is for our highest and greatest good.Powerful codes coming through the Sun for us all.

Much Love xxx

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