Emotions & ‘Pelican and Swan’

29th September 2021 1 By SoulLee Connected

Honouring the self in greater ways comes in today, particularly to how we view and feel about our emotions. When emotions come up to surface if they don’t feel good we are tempted to avoid, ignore or even place blame on others for how we are feeling. What Spirit wants us to look at is being more loving to the self and not so judgemental of our emotions. Allow them to be felt but know particular when they don’t feel nice, that you are not your emotions they have been direct occurrence to something that has been triggered within you.

Be aware when judgment rises, or you find you are telling yourself you are silly to feel or weak. Can you slip into allowing them to flow without attaching so much to the stories behind them. Use the breath, breathe through them, for when we allow without shame, blame, guilt or seeing them as wrong, or more so that there is something wrong with us, we allow them space to shift, release, and this brings us healing.

Many of us have been taught or conditioned to feel that showing emotions is weak or not the done thing. What helps us is allowing space, freedom to express not suppress. This is what we want to teach and model to our children, freedom to express unashamedly. Emotions are normal, emotional responses are normal, they are our reactions, it is our thoughts around them that can create chaos and disturbance in our field.

I have asked for a card at this point and the Pelican and Swan have come forth. Beautiful messages –  let go of judgements, particular of yourself and appreciate the beauty that you are, that you hold within, the beauty that is around you. Keep focusing on things that lift you, empower you make you feel strong and within heart alignment. Mindfulness to that which you are allowing that is not having a positive impact in your life, your emotions will show you they are a wonderful guide. Mindfulness to where we may be in judgement of another to look at the shadow aspect of this within the self. For any judgement separates.

Much Love xxx

(Pics courtesy of Power Animal Oracle by Steven D Farmer)

May be an image of text that says "PELICAN FORGIVENESS SWAN GRACE LET GO of your judgments APPRECIATE ada THE BEA ins around"