Make Space to Go within

27th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

A clear message today to regularly go within, this is the space of support, of newfound clarity, of peace, of connection that will help you to centre and reset, to receive. Creating a few moments in the day to be still, to be present with yourself is really going to help you within times you feel unsure, whether of that next step, of your emotions, of what the mind is running and feeding you. Perhaps it’s the much-needed reminder to stop trying to control and push ‘your’ agenda to make things happen and hand it all over to the Divine, to your Higher Power. Make space in your day to pause and go within, to connect to your higher wisdom, your heart, and the messages of the Higher Self, Soul and the Divine. It’s a space that seeks to remind you all is well just as it is, to shut out the noise and the minds ramblings and open to peace.

Things may change quickly for you in the next few weeks, you may find you have been travelling down one path of doing or creating, think you know in your mind your direction and then there is a sudden redirection, a detour, a reroute. You are being closely guided and this is coming in fast, no time to muck around, listen and act according to your heart and Soul and you will zoom through without getting stuck down in the questions, the human want to know the finer details or need a map drawn up. It is a time of deep trust and at times you will find the mind doesn’t like it, of course! To the mind trusting and surrendering isn’t easy, its triggering your old habits around control. See the patterns, your old stories and ways of being, how can you change this, go within to reassure yourself, to receive Spirits messages and love. You can do it.

Remember however you feel in the moment is perfect, the more you allow yourself to just be without judging your emotions, or allowing yourself to spiral within them in the mind particularly those that may not feel too pleasant, the more you are able to become more aware of yourself, see huge expansion within your self-awareness. Come back within and see what sits within your emotions, what is being reflected to you in your outer world, what learnings are available to you by staying above and looking at everything from a higher perspective and a little honesty with yourself. Insights can be found within stillness, meditation, the mind – not so much. You are really building on your understanding of self, self as a very physical being but with real knowing that you are also a divine physical being, you are so much more.

Your old patterns and where you limit yourself may become very apparent this week, but you are more able to see, to feel, to know, you can recognise them now when they arise. Now to the work, to make choice, little changes that see you really soar out of the past and into your future creating. It will be quick as you make change for Soul and the Universe have been awaiting you. You are always connected to your power ‘powerful self’ it is just how you choose to use your power within each moment, where you direct it within the meaning you give to each experience.

You are creating such a beautiful shift within and in your life as you choose to let go of and create anew. Goodbye living in the past, hello to expanded self-awareness in the now. This month may have felt all about triggers for some, all designed to show you what you are ready to let go of, resolve, bring into love within yourself. As we step into March you will feel the lift as the Universe gets behind you to push you forth within your desires and dreams yet to be created. Use this lift in energy to really help you act on your long held desires for yourself and your life.

Much Love xxx

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