Your Awareness of Self Expands

11th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Continue dear hearts to be aware of where your focus and intention is at this time, do you feel the change in energy that has come in? Be aware of when you allow your logical mind your thoughts to lead you or tempt you to be led back down the path of those old stories, old beliefs that bring forth the old unserving reactions and projections that stem from a place of lack or rejection, unworthiness, limitation and separation. Choose to stop right there in that moment of powerful awareness. Choose to see them acknowledge them and then openly voice your choice to cancel them out, to reset (use the breath if the emotional charge is very present) as you continue to do the active work of rewriting your old programming. You powerful light are choosing different now for you are so much more aware and connected with yourself in all ways, you are capable you are able.

Focus ahead and on what you are creating within your now moment by just being present, just BEing so you can receive and connect with all the information, the wisdom, the learning, the gifts and love present within that moment for you. A time to really be in-tune and connected, in trust of your intuitive knowing, trust what you are receiving as it guides you to change, say yes or no, pause, pull back, have patience or take a step forwards. Remember if you feel confused or clarity is hard to attain it is the mind that has engaged. Don’t try to make any big decisions when running from the mind, the ego, reset and recentre and allow the heart to speak. YOU are your best guide, and this is what it is all about coming back to hold deeper trust in yourself and your ability to make the right aligned choices for your life. Trust yourself and trust the powerful processes that you continue to walk within.

Allow the vision, the dreams and the insights, the messages to guide you, really trust your first thought or instinct that intuitive message that you are picking up on. Keep opening and expressing from your heart space. Paying close attention and remain open to what if anything is rattling within your life as it presents for attention and change. Notice where you feel any sense of discord within as all works to open you to greater freedom from within.

Much Love xxx

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