Let it Go, Keep Letting it Go

15th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You are always exactly where you need to be, surrender and let go of all those expectations you place on yourself and trust the process. This is a big one for us all, trust the process, trust yourself, trust what is occurring for you is exactly what you need in this moment to learn from, growth through, experience. You are always moving forward and at present you are letting go of some really old ways of being. Anything that you choose to keep around that doesn’t support your freedom and growth that doesn’t allow you the opportunity to expand and blossom may feel a little squeezed at present. You will be shown where you may have let your boundaries slip or where they have not been in place at all within certain situations and relationships. Reclaim your personal power, in love, and choose to love yourself enough, know your worth, your value as you move towards greater knowing of your potential as the incredibly powerful light and force of love you are. You are ready and you feel stronger and more able to do what you need to propel you forwards. Your courage is rising up within.

Allow, soften, let it go, let it all go. Step back if you feel within a reactionary space/state, reclaim your peace within, focus on the heart and breath, all is well. You are being renewed.

Much Love xxx

(Image credit express.co.uk)