Rest in the Divine Heart

23rd December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Come back within, call all your energy back to you, all parts of you back to yourself. You can do this by sitting quietly and setting your intention to do so. Saying aloud “I call ALL my power back to me now. I call back All my power and all parts of me that I have given away whether consciously or unconsciously back to me now. I AM Whole. I AM Complete. I AM Sovereign”. You may like to do this a few days in a row.

You may be feeling a deep pull to be quiet, to not do too much and indeed you may not feel any part of you wants to do much of anything anyway as the year nears its end. You may feel inner fatigue, it’s time to pull back and take this time to recharge, to pause, to invite in a little peace to yourself. You may however find yourself wanting to slow down but your days are full, feel full but you’re not really sure what you have done, aware of the busyness around you and the demands of others on you at this time of year, so it may feel like one is butting up and rubbing against the other creating a little friction in your body, heart, mind, energy, system. Many of us have been conditioned to be ‘doers’ it has been so deeply ingrained in us from our parents and others that in order to feel worthy we have to be achieving, be doing, or going overboard to do for anyone but ourselves (in our need to feel worthy, good enough, loved and validated). Never feeling fully satisfied with ourselves no matter what we have accomplished, the ‘not good enough, not big enough, not perfect enough’ beliefs (mistruths). And many have been acting this out their whole lifetime, if not lifetimes. So when we feel this deep, deep inner pull to rest, to completely change how we have been it takes time, it is a process, it is foreign and we can battle with ourselves, but a process that many of us have been working within this year, and over the last few years. Ease and flow. Be aware of where you still resist peace for yourself, where you may be fighting what your Soul, your heart, your body want and need to keep the old ways in place, the habits and routines. Do they align with you, do they serve your highest good now?

You are leaving behind so much from this year, you may be reflecting on just how much you have travelled through, looking back it has been a lot as our lives and healing have felt fast tracked, our experiences amplified. Let it all go, release it with love and peace, the people, the situations, the experiences all of it. Call all parts of you back, your power back, your energy back to you. Continue to be open, hold faith and trust, your heart open as you walk into the new beginnings already present but not yet fully visible (for some have had little insights but they are not yet fully formed) that the new year brings. You will really come to know, become really conscious of the changes within you and just how much you have expanded, embodied and the Soul wisdom gained this year as the new year unfolds. They are giving February as being the ‘real start’ of the new year for us so January may be a continued letting go and emerging space for us.

Honour all you have travelled this year, hands on your heart feel your heart space opening and filling with Divine love, a beautiful soft pink and white light. You may feel the presence of Mother Mary around you, within you with this as she is very much present. Give to yourself, receive this love, fill yourself up especially if this has been something that seems so foreign to you. It’s time for you.

Much Love xxx

Signing off for a little bit until after Christmas. Wishing every one of you love, peace and blessings, from my heart to yours. Lee xxx