Keep Opening to the Possibilities Presenting

4th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are being guided to keep being open, to keep being willing to open up to the new, the new beginnings and pathways ready to be connected with, to open ourselves up further within. This requires trust and faith within yourself and the path ahead of you as it asks you to sink into flowing and letting go of any resistance to what wants to be and allow the changes that are unfolding within you to take place. Many have had the awareness for some time around what is wanting to be let go of, the habits and patterns, but haven’t yet been able to get there or been really able to break the cycles.

Keep making the right aligned choices for you as best you can with where you are at, this is an individual thing not to be compared with others and where they may be, or what they are experiencing, you will get there in the perfect right timing for you.If you are feeling the resistance can you go within and look at any fears that may be arising around change, stepping outside of your comfort zone, trusting in yourself and your ability to choose what is right for you. Ask Source to guide you closely and support you within the process. Stay grounded within your trust.

Much Love xxx

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