Rest Within the Heart

9th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Whether you feel within a space of joy, peace, love, we guide you to make choice to come back within, to be present within the self and more of your joy, peace and love will unfold.  Whether you feel within a space of dis-ease, sadness, hopelessness, choose to come back within, to be present within the self, within the heart so you can connect to the joy, peace and love within. We know some who say, “I do not feel this present within me”, do not be mistaken Dear Ones for it is very much within you, give it your patience, give it practice to centre within the heart and you will uncover its very presence, its very existence. For you natural state is one of joy, peace and love.  The heart continues to guide you through the loving wisdom of your Soul, your higher self, in an ever present stream of love that flows to you and through you, that wishes nothing but to show you the way that best serves you in love, that best expands and opens you to that which you are not able to yet grasp within your human mind. For we speak directly to and through your heart, we use the heart as the tool, the transmitter to communicate with you, and so we ask that you connect within this space regularly. For you cannot hear the whispers of your heart within that of the busyness, noise and distraction of your lives. Lessen distraction, become aware of where you make excuses to avoid connection within your heart, for it is the gateway Dear One, it is the key”.

In Love xx

christ-light – Sir Paul Spiritual Healer