Todays Message

1st October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

A powerful message felt strongly within the solar plexus, sacral and root, it feels we really want to ground this into our being as we are guided to see beyond ourselves, to see beyond that which is currently in front of you, which requires trust and faith, to see the truth of who we are not with physical sight or imagination but with our knowing, projecting ourselves outwards with love, the love that we are.

Let resistance go at this time and this month let go of fighting yourself. Keep stepping ahead with your head and heart together. Be the observer in all, step back from being instantly reactionary take a breath and allow your heart to engage.

Keep stepping into yourself, witnessing yourself and the greater presence of the love you hold.

With Love as you guide yourself in each moment to walk in the love you are. Anchor your Light, anchor your love.

Lee xxx

Heart Love Happiness - Free image on Pixabay
Image courtesy of Pixabay free images