Allow Love

30th August 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow love to fill you, with each breath in see, sense, feel, imagine you are opening to receive and welcome the highest vibration of love into your being, you become the highest vibration of love possible, as you exhale see it ripple out to form a cocoon of impenetrable love around you. Open yourself to be in a space and vibration of the highest love and you make choice to be within the highest timeline possible, you rise above and access greater ease, grace and flow through anything that may be arising to seek further release at this time. Allow and observe, allow love to be greater, allow love to support you, to hold you, to guide you, and to assist you with your continued freedom within.

If you feel challenged with decision and find you can’t seem to get clear mentally can you trust this is to be so at this time, can you hand it over to love? Can you hand it over and trust that the answers, greater clarity and the loving guidance will be made available to you in right time. Can you today and for the next few days choose to hand over your will to divine will, to divine timing, all will be revealed that is to be for you. The Moons vibration/light is felt deeply and even more so possibly for those that are sensitive, we all feel it on some level but many do not have a conscious connection to this, which does not matter. Within this current energy we are receiving and is present you may find that the logical mind takes a back seat thus the feeling of finding it harder to really anchor into making decisions and finding answers. What you do receive may not seem logical or you may not understand it all but this is where your creativity and trust is being pulled into action. They show the waves of the ocean lapping up on the shoreline, there is a real floaty feeling within this which may mean you may find it easier to get out of the head and into the heart, that going within and stillness will serve to find the answers you seek. But put off (I feel) taking action for a few days if you are able till these energies which may be quite emotionally active for some settle down. There is a lot purging at this time and for some it may feel amplified. The nervous system may feel a little frazzled, whether wired or tired.

All supports you to evolve to the next, to move past your current version of self and any limitations you have created or believe to be for you and expand into more of your power to create, your creativity, what gives you’re a sense of purpose, belonging and connection. There is no wrong way to be at any point in (now) time, so know no matter what you feel, what is revealed, or not, what wounding’s arise to hold love, compassion and space for yourself and others as all serves you to open to greater levels of love within.

Much Love xxx