Peace and Flow

6th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Peace is seeking you; love is seeking you came through yesterday and Peace flows through to us today also. We are in the midst of some very powerful shifts at this time, many of us are literally transforming into whole new ways of being as we have made choice to drop the bags we carry that have weighed us down and held us back. Some we feel we didn’t volunteer, didn’t ‘sign up for’ to go through but it was the Souls timing and has been opportunity to acknowledge and learn so much about ourselves, to let go and allow flow to be more present within our lives. This has especially been seen and felt this year, and some of which was carried through from the 2020 year. It’s a process and we are all in various stages of this, all is perfect, where you are is perfect, keep practicing presence, being present and keep choosing to take the steps that expand you towards new ways of being, ways of being within a heart centred space, slow it down. We get glimpses of the newness, we feel it in moments when we are connected to our hearts, feel the new space created within from all we have shifted. So what are you filling this newly create space with?

Fill it with Peace, with what nurtures and supports you, benefits you, and we can do this by consciously choosing what and whom we allow to play within our fields, our lives. Keep making those best aligned choices, the choices that feel good, that serve you in the most loving and peaceful way. Yes its not possible to get it ‘right’ (to call it that) and do this all the time and when experiences rise whether we have allowed something or someone into our experience that rattles us or brings up emotional upheaval, or we are not sure why we feel the way we do one day, it is how we choose to react, or not, within it that determines our inner state and thus our reality within that moment, within that day, and how we can move through it with greater ease.

You may have felt these last few days a need for peace, a want to be within yourself, you may have even been experiencing the little thoughts, even dreams, emotions of the past, whether connected to experiences you had last week, last year or a decade or longer ago. Little thoughts and memories popping in from when you were a child, things you haven’t thought about in so very long or even blocked out. All is well, you don’t have to do anything, it is a deep remembering coming up. You have moved through so much this year and Spirit really wants us to CELEBRATE the self and all you have managed to build, release, form in your life, newly understanding about yourself.

Keep affirming that you are an empowered being and making choices that align with this. Keep choosing in each moment to keep steeping along your empowered pathway. Keep walking in your fullest potential in each moment. Feel it, breathe it, be it, and so it is.

Allow gentle flow this week. You are magic. Blessed be.

Much Love xxx

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