Tues 24/8 – ‘Worthy’

24th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Yesterday’s Card of Head vs Heart flows through today as you may feel that you yourself want to ‘fix’ things, whether for another or the planet as a whole, want to create change. However we are being asked to just hold space, space within the heart, hold compassion particularly for the self and others at this time, this flows from the head not the head.You can hold space for another and be the ear they need, the heart, the compassion they need or perhaps what you are being guided to at this time is to hold space just for yourself. Maybe it is you that needs and is being guided to take a bit of a step back to nurture and give to the self so you can recalibrate. This is particularly good to do with the big energies that have been present, the waves from the Full moon a few days ago to integrate and shift within you.

Remember you are always doing the best you can, everyone is doing the best they can from their own unique space. For some may be feeling they are being pushed from all sides, feel the pressure to make changes, or the pressure of the worlds events, your own countries, neighbourhoods or families and this may be manifesting in the physical as disagreements or feeling unbalanced or not in control. We are reminded here of the importance of staying grounded, to be present within the body, the mind present, not in the past or the future. Connection to the Earth so as best to navigate what you are experiencing. Remember if things are surfacing for you or you feel you shift back into old patterns or reactions this is the beautiful gift and opportunity for you to deal with things in a healthier way.

It is so important to know that you are not responsible for what others think, say, believe, or feel, you don’t have to own it take it on energetically as your own or change anything to appease anyone. Self-responsibility. Again the Violet Flame comes forth (refer back to prior posts last week, contact me if you would like it sent to you) and especially if you are empathic keep your practices up, clearing and grounding. Checking in if you don’t feel quite yourself and asking, “Is this mine?”, it may be another’s energy, emotion you have connected to or that of the Collective if you are highly sensitive. Remember that for those that do ‘feel’ if you are feeling scattered, overly emotional in any way that it may not be yours, remember your self energetic care. Use the Violet Flame, sit within it, place it around you before you step out in your day and to clear at night, for just as the physical body builds its immune systems, energetically you are wanting to build  healthy response systems to negative uncomfortable experiences and people. When we build a healthy forms of protection on the inside we start to not need to wear so much protection on the outside, we become stronger.

You are all in service to humanity just by holding and anchoring your light, your love within the earth, as you embody and hold the higher frequencies of Divine light within. Remember your worth your value. Your value and worth don’t come from anyone or anything outside of you. Time to step up and know within your heart your power and stop questioning your value, if you are good enough, wanted or needed, or for the world to tell you that you are doing well. You are enough just as you are in this moment. Your worth does not come from what you do or how you behave, your worth comes from the fact that you are a part of Source, of All. The more of us that open to this and keep opening our hearts to this truth the more we help others also see this within themselves.

In case you have let it slip your mind, you are so very worthy, valuable, doing an incredible job of just being in a human body at this time, a magnificent being of love. Shine bright, keep opening your heart, for the heart is the doorway and the key.

Much Love xxx (Pic courtesy of Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish)