Prioritise the Time to Receive

31st May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Remember to find the time or its being recorrected to be ‘prioritise’ the time for it is commitment, to connect in with yourself, to allow yourself the space and peace to ‘receive’. Receive insight, receive what you need to replenish and to still the running mind, allow the body to rest. A space to connect to the Divine, the Universe/s and life force energy. They illuminate the Crown Chakra and the Third-Eye Chakra with this message which make sense as they are your gateway your link to the multidimensionality of your being, the seat of wisdom and consciousness, understanding. Align yourself with the Divine Light of All, the Light within you and you align yourself with purpose and truth.

This space they show is one that, and this connects also to the message yesterday which was not just for yesterday but very much a ‘theme’ for many at this time and will continue to be so, a space where you can be present, detached from outcomes and ‘rigidity’. If you are finding it hard to let go, go within, connect. Detach from any chaos you feel projected onto you from the outside world, that which is out of your control and responsibility and allow peace to enter your being. Many are experiencing their intuition come online in greater ways, and for some this is the first time they are starting to trust and explore their knowing. Perhaps there have deep beliefs and stories attached to using these already present gifts that has stopped some trusting this opening. Things are changing as many learn to trust and allow, are ready to open to more, expanding their truth and allowing judgement to dissolve.

Open to see beyond the mind, connect with your crown and third eye, bring forth the Light of the Divine, of All there is to fill you and allow the unfurling of your intuition. Deeper wisdom awaits.

Much Love xxx

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