Holding Your Power as you Walk in Trust

29th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a real push felt today to keep stepping forth in your power, perhaps you have had little (what you feel as) setbacks, diversions, perhaps you feel stalled or frustrated, no matter what you feel there is a very clear message being shown today and that is, is it fear that holds you in this space, is your focus too much on how you feel within a situation, how you feel effected emotionally or over attention to the minds communication that actually keep you within and holds you in that exact space? All that you perceive is going on in relation to feeling things are going backwards of things aren’t good isn’t true, it isn’t truth. You choose whether to hold yourself in this space. Yes we are to feel our emotions they all have value all are equally helpful to our inner discovery but we can sabotage ourselves by allowing yourself to be kept within this space for too long, whether you are experiencing a little moment of discomfort right to crazy and chaotic.

Please be aware of how much you are controlling your space, no one else is, remember your power to choose how you allow things to affect you. Recentre, regroup, rebalance, come back to your truth, come back to your heart light. The energy of what you are allowing yourself to feel within amplifies if you focus on it, take away your attention and you take away its power. Tricky yes depending again on the depth of your feelings, they can be physical for some at this time also. So do what you need to do to help your physical body, your heart, your mind, knowing that all is okay, you are pushing through, don’t turn your head back and allow yourself to sink into doubt, take on the fear that isn’t yours, that isn’t real. Live and thrive within your own unique vibration.

Choose empowerment, choose the higher road, choose to be the magic you are. Trust yourself, trust in the pathway ahead, trust your Souls plan and the divine plan of All.If you have revisited an old wound this isn’t going backwards, you are never going backwards you are being shown and given another layer to work with, so what do you choose this time, choose to rise, see it for what it is, it isn’t a setback, it is a gift. See it as the gift it is and you shift through it with rapid ease. Make heart choice. With Love.

Much Love xxx

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