Keep Trusting, Keep Shining

27th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

This message comes through first for some that need it at this time to ease the mental toing and froing. – If you aren’t sure what to do with regard to a current situation it may be best to do nothing at present, return to the void space and wait until clarity forms, it will. Try not to be reactionary or feel pushed to make moves to create if it isn’t ready, isn’t clear to you.

Whether you are feeling the need too withdraw within or you are starting to feel the rise of your power, your strength and truth all coming bubbling up to the surface know that you are in the right space for you, again don’t compare to others as this is where you then bring in judgement upon yourself and it can greatly affect your confidence and inner peace. What someone right now may be going through another may have already travelled that path already within their life, we aren’t the same as another and so we won’t be going through the exact same situations and experiences, as all are unique to our soul. Your path is unique so comparison to what another is going through or not is unhelpful. Keep out of judging where you are and keep stepping forward. Some of you are pulling in as you are still reassessing the path ahead, all is perfectly timed for what you are navigating in your life at this exact space in time.

Keep listening to your soul as it guides you in every moment to come back to the heart, listen to the guidance you are receiving. Do what you do but in a new way, a way of flow, of ease, of a slower pace, releasing the rush, the chaos, the drama that many of us are used to operating within in our day. This has been what has been shown to us for a while, slow it down, allowing you to be present, to be conscious of all within you. Breathe deeply and approach all with a slower pace, slower mental pace. You will still get everything done but what are you doing that pushes you to extremes or to fatigue that could have been done another day, are some things necessary, take a pause in between to recentre, to connect to the heart and breath before you rush off again. Slow it down. This is about bringing your power back to you. Where do you give it away and not honour your body and heart telling you to say no, or yes but work it so it serves everyone, especially your energy. Remember you have complete say where you choose to allow your light to flow.

This is still about creating the life you wish to be in, making choices that serve you, and its perfectly okay if you don’t yet know how to make the changes, what to do, have it all nutted out. Set your intention to Source (God, the Universe, your higher power) and you will be shown the way, it may be slower than you want but it will be shown to you, patience. For some it will be in steps, little changes that end but making big changes in how you exist within your world. Trust it, trust your guidance and what is showing up for you as we can’t see the path ahead but Spirit can, trust it. All is to bring you closer to yourself, your heart and your truth so you can exist in greater peace, love and more joy in our lives. Keep dropping the old ways that you are being shown don’t work. The ore resistance ad fight you feel the more you are trying to control what is wanting to naturally occur for you, hand it over and trust all is working for your highest good and the most benevolent outcome in your life.

Much Love xxx

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