Trust & Set Intention

18th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Continue dear hearts to really sink into trust and hold faith that all that is opening for you and all that you cant yet grasp, see or hold a sense of clear vision on will drop in for you in right timing. So much has been shifting and releasing preparing and leading you as we enter the Eclipse gateway. It has felt very much a time of feeling between worlds for many, awareness of so much occurring, feeling the energies present and the collective shifts and at the same time in your own self not being able to grasp or fully decipher the information around it all to gain clarity, or fully understand the connection with what you are feeling within and in your outer world. All the pieces have not come together, yet.

All has been really supporting you at this time to find the courage to take the bigger steps, look at the bigger picture in your life, to see through what you perceive to be ‘risk’ as it is unknown and unfamiliar to boldly step beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. Stay present if things feel a little bumpy or you are finding relationship ‘hurdles’ arise, as all does work to support you and bring about change for greater harmony in all ways. The time is ripe for letting go of old beliefs, outdated patterns and ways of being, thinking, doing, to propel you into your future calling. A powerful time to set your intention to consciously choose in each moment to align with and step into your greater potential, the next level that awaits you.

Opportunity is all around some of which as said you wont be able to fully grasp enough, just yet. Doors open as you are more than ready, you have done the work to allow you to step into new opportunity, some of which you hadn’t seen or thought of. Surprise! Remember you are worthy. Allow all to unfold and all in its time, remember you will only be given what you are ready for, resist the urge to push or get ahead if it is not quite aligning with your heart, your intuitive knowing. All continues to raise us in our knowing and trust that we are capable of so much more, to step up and be the true leaders in our lives. It is to know the power and beauty of you as the being of Light of love that you are. A being that is so very worthy of abundance in all ways. Affirm “I AM worthy”. The eclipse energies can really light a fire under us as all supports our greater courageousness, our inner strength but also what may arise is where we need to honestly look at the part we play in certain experiences, see the learning being given so we can move past old ways. Remember all serves you to clear the path so you can step into more of your Light, your potential. Destiny calls.

Much Love xxx

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