Authentic Self

20th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being connected to your authentic self, being present within you. Let go of anywhere you feel you are not living up to someone else’s expectations, that either who you are isn’t enough, what you feel think or act is not right in some way. Be who you need yourself to be for you, no one else. Live from this space first. We have entered a quickening portal; energies of expansion and transformation are ripe. Keep aligning your thoughts, words and actions with the you YOU want to see, to be, to feel. You will feel when you make choices that aren’t in alignment very quickly at this time, so don’t ignore your knowing, embrace it, embrace all of you.

Keep practicing the slowing down of your want to react without conscious awareness, making choices in the day from a Soul led, heart led space rather than the instant want of the mind is what we are being guided to embody and build mastery around. Let the soul lead.

Much Love xxx

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