Breaking Through – Allow Time to Adjust

17th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If things feel uncomfortable now for you, you may feel more sensitive than normal, the sensitives of which are many within this space may be extra feeling the ‘feels’ within and from/around others. Come back into your own space, your own energy. You are breaking through, keep your heart open, walk through whatever is rising to the surface or you see, feel and know occurring around you knowing, trusting that you are stepping through and adjusting at this time. Allow it, this week was ‘huge’ energetically allow it time to settle within and rebalance. You may even be feeing a sense of ‘loss’ feel a little lost, nothing is wrong here allow the threads of the old that you have disconnected from to release.

The throat chakra is highlighted, the heart and higher heart, if your emotions feel heightened you may feel connections being made, exposed, revealed where speaking your truth, being authentic may be calling you, they may feel more pressing or harder to ignore. Communication is being highlighted however pick your moments to speak and express from the heart, from a space of love as it may be better to leave it until you feel more settled and not so emotionally charged or heightened.

Much Love xxx

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