Emotions are Gifts to Greater Self Awareness

3rd March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Emotions may come and go in waves, whether for you personally it is felt as little waves of self-criticism, self-doubt around your ability to do and create trust in yourself and your divine path, your strength and ability to navigate life or other. The words purification and cleansing are coming through with this. The next few days may find you in a reflective space, feeling drawn into inner reflection, just allow however you feel to be without getting lost within it, judging it, what surfaces is to let go of not to hang on to. Within this you may find that your emotions are highlighting around where you do too much for others and too little for yourself, where you are depleted and not allowing yourself to be nourished and filled, not allowing yourself to receive. All is highlighting where you are out of alignment with self love.

Relationships are coming through strongly as been highlighted so you may feel the rise of emotions around unresolved feelings of aloneness, rejection, abandonment, lack of love, self-love, where you reject yourself or stay in situations that allow you to feel rejected, unheard, unseen. Some are being asked to look at whether it is time within these relationships to stand up and reclaim your power or release control of trying to have a certain outcome, to surrender, allow and let go.

What is sitting within the heart is rising up to be healed and released. If you feel lost, confused around anything that is coming up go within, allow the shadow self to speak. It takes courage to allow the truth to reveal in some instances. All is guiding you to love and honour yourself more. Recognise where you hold the old patterns and ways of being that you may have been brought up seeing play out in those closest to you and recognise if they are or aren’t working for you, have you taken them on in your own life and is that how you wish to live going forward? All opening us up to more of our beauty.

Much Love xxx

Giving and receiving gifts - North Brisbane Psychologists
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